October 27, 2010

My 10th Blog Post: YEEEEAHHHH BABY!!!

I am so excited that I am in tears right now!!! This is my 10th blog post. If you're reading this you are probably wondering why I am so excited over just a tenth blog post.


1. This blog post is a reminder of my endurance.

2. This blog post is a symbol that I have not lost myself.

3. This blog post says that I DID IT! I DID IT!! I DID IT!!!

4. This blog post encourages me to do many, many, many more.

5. This blog post reminds me that at this time in my life I made no excuses, I did not stop when I felt like it, and I will not be stopped from here on out.

6. This blog post proves that I am on the road to success.

7. This blog post symbolizes how much this journey really means to me.

8. This blog post fills me with a pride I haven't felt for some time.

9. This blog post represents the fact that I did not allow others to impose upon my time or my energy.

10. This blog post proves that THE FASTGIRLS ROCK!!!!

Just one more milestone of many to come.... I'm ready!

2 remarks:

Fast said...

I love this post. Yes, the 10th blog means all of that and more. I am proud to bear witness to your blossoming Aisha. Thank you for taking this on. Keep growing toward the sky.

mj said...

congratulations! i am with you every step of the way!!

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