October 27, 2010

My 10th Blog Post: YEEEEAHHHH BABY!!!

I am so excited that I am in tears right now!!! This is my 10th blog post. If you're reading this you are probably wondering why I am so excited over just a tenth blog post.


1. This blog post is a reminder of my endurance.

2. This blog post is a symbol that I have not lost myself.

3. This blog post says that I DID IT! I DID IT!! I DID IT!!!

4. This blog post encourages me to do many, many, many more.

5. This blog post reminds me that at this time in my life I made no excuses, I did not stop when I felt like it, and I will not be stopped from here on out.

6. This blog post proves that I am on the road to success.

7. This blog post symbolizes how much this journey really means to me.

8. This blog post fills me with a pride I haven't felt for some time.

9. This blog post represents the fact that I did not allow others to impose upon my time or my energy.

10. This blog post proves that THE FASTGIRLS ROCK!!!!

Just one more milestone of many to come.... I'm ready!

Eddie Bradley: Emperor of Tha Block

Upon first sight, Eddie Bradley comes across as a boss of bosses. Though often seen at the studio dressed in laid back attire, he manages to command the attention of all of those around him with his vision and his drive. Standing tall and regal he has managed to build an empire which crosses all genres of music and business yet remains deeply rooted in Harlem, NYC.

Mr. Bradley recently sat down with me (Aisha Nailah) to share his past, present, and future endeavors. I found it to be absolutely inspiring and hopefully you will too.

Aisha Nailah: Hello Ed. 

Eddie Bradley: Hello.

Aisha Nailah: So, Tha Block Party Live has been running for almost 7 years now right?

Eddie Bradley: Almost 7 years. Correct.

Aisha Nailah: Ok. Great. What sparked the creation of Tha Block Party Live?

Eddie Bradley: Well, I grew up on 142nd Street and one day Damon Dash came around the way (this was around the time of the Best Of Both Worlds Album) and asked us what did we want, what did we need. What I decided to do was ask him for some money to throw a boat ride. So I took the money from the boat ride and I bought some musical equipment to launch a music production company and maintain beats. The funny part about it is that I'm not musically inclined but people on the streets were saying they wanted to come up in the studio and do beats and everything. Well the company was slow getting off the ground the way I wanted to but I had all of this equipment so I knew I had to find a way to promote the company. Late one night I was watching TVand I saw a commercial for public access television saying come on down and learn how to do this, learn how to do that, learn how to use the equipment and get your own show. I thought about it and said that would be a great way to do promotion. Even though it would only be aired in Manahttan I would still get to touch a larger number of people than I would if I was just out here giving out fliers. I mean I would still have to network and everything but I would be taking it up a notch by being on television. After completing the orientation I had to do a special. I had some friends get in front of the camera and we did some snapping. So I had Herb McGruff and a few others on there and then just with the special it really took off. So I got my time slot and things picked up really fast. Originally I wanted Tha Block Party to be a talk show similar to Letterman or Leno. My very first host was Capital J (Def Comedy Jam). I wanted him to bring on this talk show form but also be funny and every week we had a musical guest. When Capital J left my homeboy D came in and decided he would host the show. We started having artists come down and taking phone calls. The show was a hit before but now my phone was blowing up with people wanting to come on the show to promote themselves. I would have them come down and perform and I'd give them a copy of their performance on the show. That was the creation of Tha Block Party and that's a lot like how it is now but we're a lot more organized than we were back then. We're sort of an entrepreneurship. I'm like the first line of promotion for a lot of these people especially if they are doing things independently and I enjoy the fact that I can really help someone's career. 

Aisha Nailah: Wow! Okay... Alright well I know you've done A LOT of shows over the years but is there any one show in particular that really sticks out in your memory?

Eddie Bradley: Let me see... I guess all of my shows really stand out because they all were different. They all were unique. We've had Rakim's son on there, U-God was on there, Moon... They all really stand out. It's like your kids, you can't love one of your kids without loving the other one. 

Aisha Nailah: Right, right. What's the most important lesson you've learned throughout your years of production?

Eddie Bradley: Keep it new.  That's one of the most important things. With production things are always changing. Keep it new. Keep it fresh. Always do better than the last thing you did. For instance now we've developed an internet television station called ThaBlockParty.TV and with this you'll have Tha Block Party Live, you'll have TB News. Actually this Saturday we're going to start TB News and putting out on Youtube so it will be sort of like our "we're coming" party. We have a wonderful reporter by the name of Christine. We're going to share our views on news that happened throughout the week. We're going to have talk shows, game shows, sitcoms, dramas... We're actually looking for other producers to work with. We're getting a lot of phone calls, people are definitely liking the direction we're going in. So that's it. You can't stay the same, you have to be innovative and keep up with new technology and things like that. 

Aisha Nailah: So is your show lineup complete?

Eddie Bradley: Well I can't go too much into the sitcom and the dramas because everything hasn't been cleared with the writers 100% as of yet but right now I'm trying not to make it too much documentary. I want to be more like a FOX with a little mixture of USA. Where we bring you original shows but shows by other producers as well, current events and things like that. The first thing is that we're going to be doing Tha Block Party Live broadcasting live from from the Times Square Arts Center. Originally we were supposed to start in November but I'm working on my radio campaign so we're launching it in early January. We're going to be doing a lot of giveaways; sort of like an amusement park for adults. You'll  be able to come down, listen to music, enjoy Tha Block Party showcases...It will be showcases and networking. As far as TBN News we'll be broadcasting live at the end of the year as well but for now we're starting out on Youtube to get it out there. We have a talk show and we're looking to get another talk show as well. We have a great crew of people so that definitely helps also. 

Aisha Nailah: Sounds like a great lineup. Well, going back to Tha Block Party, it has definitely evolved over the years so how would you describe it? 

Eddie Bradley: I describe it as the first line of promotion for young entrepreneurs whether it be music, fashion, comedy; if you're out here trying to make a name for yourself I'm usually the first person you will come to see. I don't charge for Tha Block Party, I let people come on and promote their websites, CD's, their fashion...We have a lot of designers, magazine editors, authors. I let everyone come on there and really show who they are as long as it's original. It's a time for them to use their own music and show what they do. It's very raw and uncut. 

Aisha Nailah: Are we going to be seeing any music videos or movies produced by Ed Bradley in the future?

Eddie Bradley: Music videos I don't think so. When I first started production I was offering music video production to hip hop artists for free but right now I'm just producing these shows for Tha Block Party TV. My goal though is to get into film eventually. 

Aisha Nailah: Great. Now if anyone has any sitcoms or show ideas that they would like to see on Tha Block Party TV how would they go about getting it on there? 

Eddie Bradley: Well if you're producing and you're looking to get shows on there you can email us at info.thablockinc@gmail.com . Another thing about the website that makes us stand out from what other people are doing is that Tha Block Party TV will be totally interactive. I want everyone to feel like they're a part of this. We'll be having a lot of surveys to get people's input and chat rooms where people can discuss the shows and leave their opinions. Like I said it's raw and uncut, we're not holding anybody back from saying whatever it is that they want to say, everybody's opinion is valuable to me. 

Aisha Nailah: I see... So what if there was someone viewing Tha Block Party TV and they decided: Hey I would be a great news reporter, would you be open to receiving resumes?

Eddie Bradley: Well yeah. They can email their inquiries to castings.thablockinc@gmail.com. If anyone would like to be a party of Tha Block Party Live audience they can email us at  showcasting.thablockinc@gmail.com.

Aisha Nailah: Okay and are you currently looking for sponsorship?

Eddie Bradley: Sponsorships of course! Being that it's a television station we will be doing commercial sponsorships and we'll also be doing ad banners... We've been speaking to a lot of people and companies and we're always open to discussing business with anyone interested.

Aisha Nailah: Great. Now Ed, where do you see you see yourself being 5 years from now?

Eddie Bradley: In 5 years from now we're looking to be bigger than broadcast television. We're looking to utilize the interenet especially that we're FCC unregulated right now to give the people what they want. After this we're looking to do Tha Block Party TV International.

Aisha Nailah: Alright...

Eddie Bradley: Actually Tha Block Party Live International...We'll be doing that next. 

Aisha Nailah: Tha Block Party Live International.... WOW!!! That will definitely be something.

Eddie Bradley: Well overseas they look at just about everything that we do so we might as well start giving them their just desserts also.

Aisha Nailah: I hear that! Well thank you so much for your time and for allowing me to do this.

Eddie Bradley: Thank you!

Tha Block Party Live can be seen every Monday night at 11:00 P.M. on MNN network in Manhattan or via the web at www.mnn.org (channel 56). 

REVIEW: Winner’s Circle - 368 FTW Vol.1

The DMV's "R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rock Star" has blessed us again but this time he's brought his team along to add their craft to his first Hip Hop mix tape. If you're a "DeVaughneer" (which I secretly like to call myself...Shhh don't tell anybody) then you are familiar with Mr. DeVaghn's constant stream of mix tape releases. While the average artist has their fans waiting month after month sometimes year after year for just a little taste of something new, Raheem constantly keeps many a tastebud dancing over his candy coated crooning skills. 

Released today, the Winner's Circle- 368 FTW Vol. 1 mix tape  features a few new names which I'm positive will become staple members of every hip hop junkie's collection.

Here's just a little sample of what's included:

368 Killin’ ‘Em (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Phil Adé, Dee Boy, Da Phuture) brings a non stop lyrical flow hotter than a pot of hot buttered grits. Each of these future hip hop icons allow their words to gently trip over a sample of Soul II Soul's "Back To Life" and how appropriate as these gentlemen are definitely bringing life back to the rap game. 

Science vs. Prophecy (ft. Stello) opens our minds to historical lessons and conscious theories. A 4 course meal for your medulla oblongata!

Put U On (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Da Phuture, Dee Boy, Phil Adé, Stello) opens with a smooth intro  by Radio Rah himself in which he accurately designates this an "Eargasmic Moment". This song is hip-hop sexy from start to finish. Makes you want to get up and sway your hips from side to side while imagination sweeps you away to a basement party with red lights and funk. 

Light Up (ft. Raheem DeVaughn) gives us a taste of Rah's breathtaking vocals. Even when he's rap singing he still controls the microphone. I dare you to not nod your head to this one! There has to be another title we can add on to this man's resume... Hmmm... Maybe R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rock Track Star because every track this man blesses comes in first place!

Single (ft. Raheem DeVaughn)... I tried to resist writing someone on this track but I was seduced by Mr. DeVaughn's milk and honey delivery. Acoustic seduction on this level should be illegal! Ladies you need no relationship when you have this song and if you ARE in a relationship I think tonight you're gonna want to be...Well um... Single! 

October 26, 2010

My Mood: Royal

I dedicate this to all of my beautiful, strong, blessed, enduring, persevering, tenacious, natural royal Queens. 

My sisters,

Many a times we stand shoulder to shoulder
Hand to hand without ever becoming hand in hand

Tearing one another apart for the heart of a man...

My sisters,

I welcome you and embrace you with open arms
And divine love, and warmth, and overstanding, 
Assisting you during those times times when your wings have become tired 
And you need a little wind to help you soar. 

My sisters,
Do not ever allow anyone to break your peace of mind

Or your gentle heart
Or your nurturing spirit
For your crown would be too heavy for them to wear
And you don't need them to get you to where they've been 
For you've already been there

My sisters,
Divine Angels,


Who Is Kyra Climbingbear?

What do you get when you mix Native American spirit and African-American soul with eccentric style, funky melodics, jazz, and a little bubbly? 

Born to a "Black" mother and a "Native American" father Kyra embraced her mixed heritage at an early age and decided, through music, she would educate ignorant minds. She spent many years between New Jersey and Cherokee, North Carolina (Qualla Boundry, Cherokee reservation) where her father later resided with her two brothers and step-mother. During her visits she was introduced to Cherokee traditional dancing as well as traditional Cherokee songs which she took to naturally. Nowadays, her goal is to address world issues and become what Marvin Gaye was in his era: a motivator. Her musical influences can be attributed to her mother's vast collection of music. One of Kyra's earliest memories are of her mother humming "Easy On Down the Road" from the soundtrack to The Wiz, and the lyrics have remained with Kyra as a constant reminder to never carry anything that might be a load. Kyra's voice has often been described as a blend between Lauryn Hill and Kelis. However, she has yet to define her genre and is against the idea of "musical limitation".


Check her out:

October 24, 2010

Grateful for being Great-Ful

As many of you know, in September of this year I started a challenge with a community of women who are at the least inspiring but at the most divine. These women truly are a God send and have proven to be some of THE most phenomenal Queens that I have ever had the honor of meeting.

On September 26, 2010 my life changed forever, for I became a part of The Fastgirls community!

I am so grateful for being great-ful! 

Many times we know what we are capable of yet we choose to not operate to our greatest ability. Being a single mother time management is sometimes very challenging for me. It seemed easier once upon a time but when my daughter turned 2 years old I found myself running in circles. Between taking care of my daughter, working through the pain of my mother's passing, and bouncing back from a dramatic breakup I had lost the way. I still worked but I worked in a way where I was exhausted and frustrated; not sure if the dream I was chasing was even worth catching anymore. I knew WHAT I wanted to do but the questions were always COULD I REALLY DO THAT? DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? I had a tendency to compare my skills, my knowledge, and my experience to others in my field and I would feel like my vision would never be able to come to pass. 

Then one day I was sitting at home, ironically working on my business plan when my sister Jasmine called me and asked if I woud be interested in the lastest Fast Girls challenge. After hearing all of the details I was excited...


I've gotten more accomplished during this challenge than I have in about a year. I now recognize the total great-ness of my vision and my ideas and the possibilities that I have been standing on all of this time. I am learning more about myself everyday and pushing myself to limits I haven't see in years. 

To the Fastgirls: THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!

To Almitra and Sallome: THANK YOU for being pillars of strength, and courage, and wisdom.

To Team Sacral: THANK YOU for your continued love, support, and encouragement. 

To Jasmine: THANK YOU for thinking of me during the birth of this challenge. 


October 23, 2010

Mind Your Own Is-Ness

Is-ness: Zen and Buddhism Dictionary on Is-ness
Is-ness: The immediate state of being; being the now of being, and being.

Do yourself a favor. Stop what you are doing right this very moment ask yourself the following question: WHO AM I RIGHT NOW?

What did you come up with? Did you automatically know or did your mind start to race as is frantically sifted through mounds of self-doubt and pity?

Okay now ask the question: WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ME RIGHT NOW?  

I know you may be wondering what I'm trying to get at here. The point is that many times we go through life unconsciously living outside of the moment. Instead of allowing ourselves to face what is real RIGHT NOW we allow fear, doubt, anxiety, and yesterdays to creep into our brains and create a fictitious be-ing or outcome.

You are not your yesterdays. You are your today!
You are not your tomorrow. You are your right now!

Let go of your past for it came and went. Its purpose was to strengthen you and to give you the lessons needed to usher you into your tomorrow. We can grasp a hold of these lessons without having to relive our past for life is about evolving. The words that you speak right this very moment will not be the words that are spoken 2 seconds from now. Focus on the HERE and the NOW! Do your best RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT and your future is guaranteed to be successful. Time wasted worrying over the outcome will not lead to progress or happiness; it leads to stagnation. 



October 21, 2010

Campaign 2 End AIDS - NY Chapter (AIDS Activ-ISM)

Too often while speaking to some of my peers I am still being made aware of the irresponsibility of many who are still willing to risk their lives for a moment of passion. Surprisingly, in this day and age when we are faced with safe sex ads while just doing something as simple as taking a train ride to work and during a time when we are offered more education than ever on the possible effects of not "wrapping it up" people are still proving to be closed to the realities that sadly we are now very much standing toe to toe with. 

It makes me wonder why some of us still choose to turn our backs on the truth and think that we are immune to this dreadful dis-ease which haunts many of us as we reminisce on the lives that once brought joy and laughter to our own but are now a silent memory forever etched in our existence. Has our society become so highly driven by sex that we are willing to put our lives on the line by carelessly hooking up with someone because "they look clean and healthy"?

DID YOU KNOW?- An estimated one million people are living with HIV in the United States alone and more than half a million have died after developing AIDS.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) – Brooklyn is considered to be the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States for Blacks, women, adolescents, and children, Brooklyn’s Deputy Borough President Yvonne Graham said Monday.

According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 87 percent of all people living with HIV/AIDS in Brooklyn in 2008 were persons of color, with 7 percent of the nation’s children under 13 with HIV/AIDS also living in Brooklyn.

“The HIV epidemic is raging. Preliminary results show New York City experienced nearly 5,000 new infections in 2008 alone, almost half of which were in the black community,” Dr. Monica Sweeney, Assistant Commissioner at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said.

In addition, in 2008, Brooklyn was home to nearly 30% of people living with HIV/AIDS in New York City who died.

Brooklyn’s consistent high number of individuals who are diagnosed with AIDS after being diagnosed with HIV, is only a reason for communities to gather and fight the disease.

“The Brooklyn HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan was forged over the last year through the tireless efforts of an unprecedented alliance of direct service providers, consumers, researchers and local government,” Gretchen Maneval, director of the Center for the Study of Brooklyn at Brooklyn College said. “It provides a roadmap for the caravan of consumers, community activists, and care providers who have been fighting this disease for over two decades so that they may advance their cause in a unified direction with regards to programming, policy, funding, research and communications in Brooklyn.”

 Blacks/African Americans accounted for 52% of new HIV diagnoses and 48% of AIDS diagnoses in 2008. Of the total number of people living with HIV in 2007 in the 37 U.S. states and 5 dependent areas, 46% were black/African American; 32% white; 20% Hispanic/Latino; 0.8% multiple races; 0.6% Asian; 0.4% American Indian/Alaska Native; and 0.04% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander.
Among men diagnosed with AIDS in 2008, 52% of black/African American men, 63% of Hispanic/Latino men and 78% of white men became infected with HIV through male-to-male sexual contact. Among women diagnosed with AIDS in 2008, 77% of black/African American women, 75% of Hispanic/Latino women and 65% of white women became infected through heterosexual contact.
*Area of Residence Living with a diagnosis of HIV infection Living with an AIDS diagnosis AIDS diagnoses in 2008 per 100,000 population
Alabama 10,093 4,004 8.7
Alaska 618 348 3.2
Arizona 11,581 4,996 9.1
Arkansas 4,892 2,358 5.3
California - 67,208 13.2
Colorado 10,428 4,238 7.5
Connecticut 11,107 7,407 10.1
Delaware - 1,874 16.8
District of Columbia - 9,030 93.3
Florida 91,529 48,492 26.0
Georgia 31,806 19,310 19.7
Hawaii - 1,320 3.0
Idaho 720 320 2.1
Illinois - 17,070 10.1
Indiana 8,147 3,972 6.5
Iowa 1,526 910 2.5
Kansas 2,572 1,394 3.9
Kentucky 4,396 2,553 6.9
Louisiana 15,961 8,349 24.0
Maine - 548 2.7
Maryland - 16,510 27.6
Massachusetts - 9,455 5.8
Michigan 13,295 7,123 7.0
Minnesota 5,910 2,530 4.0
Mississippi 7,955 3,357 12.6
Missouri 11,058 5,756 8.5
Montana - 203 3.0
Nebraska 1,501 785 4.3
Nevada 6,665 3,022 12.4
New Hampshire 1,118 606 2.1
New Jersey 34,766 18,943 17.6
New Mexico 2,222 1,306 5.1
New York 126,849 74,544 23.5
North Carolina 22,896 9,425 12.5
North Dakota 160 74 2.4
Ohio 15,471 7,410 5.8
Oklahoma 4,628 2,373 4.7
Oregon - 2,916 5.6
Pennsylvania - 18,523 11.3
Rhode Island - 1,390 7.4
South Carolina 13,905 7,181 15.5
South Dakota 378 147 1.4
Tennessee 14,222 6,743 9.6
Texas 60,825 33,238 12.0
Utah 2,169 1,198 2.7
Vermont - 251 1.8
Virginia 19,951 9,223 8.2
Washington - 5,578 6.2
West Virginia 1,435 799 4.5
Wisconsin 4,773 2,271 3.0
Wyoming 193 104 2.9
Subtotal 577,452 458,686 12.2

C2EA (Campaign To End AIDS) is an organization made up of those living with AIDS/HIV, their friends, family, advocates and loved ones from across the United States and all around the world whose main purpose is to educate and represent this epidemic on community, region and state levels.

"C2EA members develop strategies through advocacy networks that demand our leaders exert the political will to stop the HIV & AIDS epidemic in this country and abroad – once and for all. In rural and urban areas, C2EA helps to develop and support the meaningful participation and leadership of people living with HIV & AIDS to mobilize and ensure the best treatment and care for all HIV-positive people and HIV prevention methods backed by good science."


Visit C2EA online and find your local chapter. 

The C2EA- NY chapter meets TWICE A MONTH on (1st and 3rd) Saturdays from 4pm- 7pm 
@ 44 Court Street in Brooklyn, 10th floor, Suite 1000.
This year the chapter's focus is on the 18-29 year age group who has exhibited the highest rise in infected cases.

*These statistics were pulled from The Center for Disease Control's website and the Kaiser Family Foundation's Fact Sheets (which cited the CDC).

October 20, 2010

Derrick Smith: Fashion and Philanthropy


In a city where hustle and bustle go hand in hand with life there shines an ebony star whose smile is bright enough to illuminate all of Times Square without the power of electricity. This super talented, handsome hunk reminiscent of a piece of pure, dark chocolate goodness from one of West Africa's richest cacao trees not only tempts the eyes of many a writhing woman but also tugs at heart strings through his never ending efforts to be an every day do-gooder.   

Hailing from the Bronx, NY Derrick Smith first knocked on the doors of the fashion world in 2006. He has appeared on the runway, in numerous magazines, and featured in several web publications as well as music videos. During his four years as a fashion heart-throb he has been recognized not only for his skills in front of the camera but also within the community. 

His charitable spirit has led him to such small tasks as feeding the homeless living on some of the city's most squalid streets to larger scaled projects such as his 2009 State Wide Clothing Drive for the homeless. After landing on the January 2010 cover of Obvious Magazine for their Gratitude issue he was offered the position of Executive Community Director for the magazine.

"Praise the bridge that carried you over."  ~George Colman

Through all of his success Derrick Smith remains humble. Grateful for all of his blessings and opportunities, he keeps a hand of service extended. He constantly reminds himself that it is through the love and support of the community that he has been able to reach heights which once seemed unattainable and is determined to give that same love and support to help patch up any cracks which many a rose has left in the concrete from which they have grown.

October 2, 2010

My Ism

ism[iz-uhm]–noun -A distinctive doctrine, theory, system, or practice.

Over the past few years I have embarked on a few business ventures and have been associated with various "company" names, all of which embodied communal thoughts and ideas shared amongst my then business partners. I have helped to exhibit what the touch of a diva looks like in building public relations and have also stood as a pink elite. Though I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the experience gained during these highlights of my career it is with pleasure, pride, and pure excitement that I unveil to you MY company, MY baby, MY vision: NAILAHISM. 

NAILAHISM is New Age Public Relations. It is an avenue by which those who are working to make a difference in the world can create huge tidal waves in this ocean we call society. My goal is to assist the movers, the shakers, the doers, the artists, the musicians, metaphysicians, healers, thinkers, philanthropists; anyone who is focused on progression and has a positivity to share with the world.