February 23, 2013

The Circus Is Coming To Town (NY and NJ)

I am still amazed at the very sight of seeing Barclays Center whenever I am downtown Brooklyn. I am constantly filled with pride and the overwhelming urge to say TAKE THAT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! (Na-na-na-na boo boo). So imagine my excitement when I found out that The Ringling Brother and Barnum and Bailey Circus would be coming to Brooklyn. If you are familiar with this circus you know that it is THE CIRCUS of ALL CIRCUSES. Don't you want to go? I do. That's why I was so excited when I stumbled across Gay NYC Dad, a blog by a stay at home dad in NYC all chock full of goodies for the parent in all of us. I was reading through his blog when I came across his contest section and VOILA as if my prayers had been answered there was a contest to win FOUR tickets to the circus (you choose from one of 4 dates) 

Want to try your luck at winning the free tickets? Click here! Hurry up because the contest ends on February 24th....

Good luck! 

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