October 20, 2010

Derrick Smith: Fashion and Philanthropy


In a city where hustle and bustle go hand in hand with life there shines an ebony star whose smile is bright enough to illuminate all of Times Square without the power of electricity. This super talented, handsome hunk reminiscent of a piece of pure, dark chocolate goodness from one of West Africa's richest cacao trees not only tempts the eyes of many a writhing woman but also tugs at heart strings through his never ending efforts to be an every day do-gooder.   

Hailing from the Bronx, NY Derrick Smith first knocked on the doors of the fashion world in 2006. He has appeared on the runway, in numerous magazines, and featured in several web publications as well as music videos. During his four years as a fashion heart-throb he has been recognized not only for his skills in front of the camera but also within the community. 

His charitable spirit has led him to such small tasks as feeding the homeless living on some of the city's most squalid streets to larger scaled projects such as his 2009 State Wide Clothing Drive for the homeless. After landing on the January 2010 cover of Obvious Magazine for their Gratitude issue he was offered the position of Executive Community Director for the magazine.

"Praise the bridge that carried you over."  ~George Colman

Through all of his success Derrick Smith remains humble. Grateful for all of his blessings and opportunities, he keeps a hand of service extended. He constantly reminds himself that it is through the love and support of the community that he has been able to reach heights which once seemed unattainable and is determined to give that same love and support to help patch up any cracks which many a rose has left in the concrete from which they have grown.

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Darnel said...

That's my ninja!

Danielle said...

I love it! Very well rounded individual and he's destined for greatness. Glad to be able to call him my friend.

Shirelle said...

I'm glad to see him so devoted in what he does and I congratulate him on all his success now, and in the future. It's a pleasure to call him a friend. Good Luck to you D. *Shirelle*

keishorne said...

Good Job Bruh. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Derrick smith is a very kind hearted person! He's a good listener & he's not a judge mental person, I am proud of all his achievements and I wish for many more to come his way !! I am proud to call him one of my closets friends !! Love him dearly ..... Melissa R.

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