October 23, 2010

Mind Your Own Is-Ness

Is-ness: Zen and Buddhism Dictionary on Is-ness
Is-ness: The immediate state of being; being the now of being, and being.

Do yourself a favor. Stop what you are doing right this very moment ask yourself the following question: WHO AM I RIGHT NOW?

What did you come up with? Did you automatically know or did your mind start to race as is frantically sifted through mounds of self-doubt and pity?

Okay now ask the question: WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ME RIGHT NOW?  

I know you may be wondering what I'm trying to get at here. The point is that many times we go through life unconsciously living outside of the moment. Instead of allowing ourselves to face what is real RIGHT NOW we allow fear, doubt, anxiety, and yesterdays to creep into our brains and create a fictitious be-ing or outcome.

You are not your yesterdays. You are your today!
You are not your tomorrow. You are your right now!

Let go of your past for it came and went. Its purpose was to strengthen you and to give you the lessons needed to usher you into your tomorrow. We can grasp a hold of these lessons without having to relive our past for life is about evolving. The words that you speak right this very moment will not be the words that are spoken 2 seconds from now. Focus on the HERE and the NOW! Do your best RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT and your future is guaranteed to be successful. Time wasted worrying over the outcome will not lead to progress or happiness; it leads to stagnation. 



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