October 26, 2010

My Mood: Royal

I dedicate this to all of my beautiful, strong, blessed, enduring, persevering, tenacious, natural royal Queens. 

My sisters,

Many a times we stand shoulder to shoulder
Hand to hand without ever becoming hand in hand

Tearing one another apart for the heart of a man...

My sisters,

I welcome you and embrace you with open arms
And divine love, and warmth, and overstanding, 
Assisting you during those times times when your wings have become tired 
And you need a little wind to help you soar. 

My sisters,
Do not ever allow anyone to break your peace of mind

Or your gentle heart
Or your nurturing spirit
For your crown would be too heavy for them to wear
And you don't need them to get you to where they've been 
For you've already been there

My sisters,
Divine Angels,


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Pauline said...

Amen to that! We are royal and royalty can't be kept down. Keep holding your head high my sister!

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