October 27, 2010

REVIEW: Winner’s Circle - 368 FTW Vol.1

The DMV's "R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rock Star" has blessed us again but this time he's brought his team along to add their craft to his first Hip Hop mix tape. If you're a "DeVaughneer" (which I secretly like to call myself...Shhh don't tell anybody) then you are familiar with Mr. DeVaghn's constant stream of mix tape releases. While the average artist has their fans waiting month after month sometimes year after year for just a little taste of something new, Raheem constantly keeps many a tastebud dancing over his candy coated crooning skills. 

Released today, the Winner's Circle- 368 FTW Vol. 1 mix tape  features a few new names which I'm positive will become staple members of every hip hop junkie's collection.

Here's just a little sample of what's included:

368 Killin’ ‘Em (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Phil Adé, Dee Boy, Da Phuture) brings a non stop lyrical flow hotter than a pot of hot buttered grits. Each of these future hip hop icons allow their words to gently trip over a sample of Soul II Soul's "Back To Life" and how appropriate as these gentlemen are definitely bringing life back to the rap game. 

Science vs. Prophecy (ft. Stello) opens our minds to historical lessons and conscious theories. A 4 course meal for your medulla oblongata!

Put U On (ft. Raheem DeVaughn, Da Phuture, Dee Boy, Phil Adé, Stello) opens with a smooth intro  by Radio Rah himself in which he accurately designates this an "Eargasmic Moment". This song is hip-hop sexy from start to finish. Makes you want to get up and sway your hips from side to side while imagination sweeps you away to a basement party with red lights and funk. 

Light Up (ft. Raheem DeVaughn) gives us a taste of Rah's breathtaking vocals. Even when he's rap singing he still controls the microphone. I dare you to not nod your head to this one! There has to be another title we can add on to this man's resume... Hmmm... Maybe R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rock Track Star because every track this man blesses comes in first place!

Single (ft. Raheem DeVaughn)... I tried to resist writing someone on this track but I was seduced by Mr. DeVaughn's milk and honey delivery. Acoustic seduction on this level should be illegal! Ladies you need no relationship when you have this song and if you ARE in a relationship I think tonight you're gonna want to be...Well um... Single! 

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