December 22, 2010

Chrisette Michele: Letting Freedom Reign

If you have not picked up Chrisette Michele's latest CD, "Let Freedom Reign" you can either do one of three things:
1. Run to your local music store to pick it up. (Or order it online and have it delivered.)
2. Let your fingers walk over to ITunes. (I provided the link to help you out.)
3. Slap yourself. (Because only fools would deprive themselves of this album.) 

"I Am" was hot! "Epiphany" was hotter!! "Let Freedom Reign" is FIRE!!!!!!

If you need to add to your personal soundtrack this is the album to get. I will guarantee that there is at least one song on this album that will be your new favorite (though I know that if you like GREAT music you will not want to skip a single track.)

I can appreciate an artist who does not bring watered down music for the sake of greater album promotion and support from their label. THANK YOU Chrisette for being SO REAL!!! 

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