December 22, 2010

El DeBarge: Second Chance

Will you all join me in giving El DeBarge a standing ovation?

I was excited when I heard that El was making a comeback but I must admit that I was sort of clutching my necklace at the thought of other chart toppers from the '80s who try making a comeback and get the recognition because of who they are but not what they are currently bringing to the radio waves. Don't get me wrong, I was very happy for him but I prayed that he wouldn't let any of his loyal fans down, I mean this IS the man who has brought us some of the best and most memorable music. I sat and patiently waited. Anxiously awaiting the finished masterpiece as I fell in love with "Lay With You" (featuring Faith Evans).

FINALLY the album was released and so were all of my worries... HOW DID HE DO IT? It was almost 30 years ago that El first came on the music scene and yet his voice sounds like it did when he first blessed us.

WOW!!!! How appropriately named is this album, "Second Chance"? After years of battling drug addiction and overcoming legal troubles he is living evidence that will power, determination, and prayer will get you anywhere you want to go.


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