March 1, 2011

Marsha's Ambrosia: Late Nights & Early Mornings


Classical Mythology the food of the gods. Compare nectar 
something especially delicious to taste or smell.

Tempting our musical tummies with the taste of velvet, melodic honey, Marsha Ambrosius' highly anticipated album has finally been released and music lovers everywhere are all abuzz. The Songstress, known as one part of the duo Floetry, has stepped out from the floetic shadows and stepped back into the music world in a colossal way. 

"Late Nights & Early Mornings" is a lyrical crystal ball through which pours rays of light beaming from Ambrosius' angelic voice as she sings of unfiltered, vulnerable, sensual love. Her unique style evokes candid emotion and pulls at heartstrings while the album itself is perfectly arranged with each song smoothly gliding into the other, taking listeners on an emotional journey through love's land.

Laced with perfect harmony and soul reminiscent of some of R&B's earliest and oldest heavy hitters, it is refreshing to not have to skip past a single song (for each one is really that good) while anxiously awaiting the next track and then replaying the whole thing over and over again. 

The album opens up with "Anticipation" which prepares us for seduction of this masterpiece. "With You" (co-written with Alicia Keys) is a straight to the point, satin sheets tune which expresses the want to "uh, uh, uh." "Tears" brings a feel of an old Aretha Franklin hit while "Butterflies (Remix)" takes us back to one of Floetry's greatest hits, originally written for and performed by the late, great Michael Jackson. 

Marsha Ambrosius has definitely hit a home run with this album and in keeping within baseball terms, I'm sure that many a listener will find it to be an aid in making it past third base and hitting a grand slam. 

Late Nights & Early Mornings: Rated SSSS for Super Special, Super Sexy.

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